Shoe trends


Over the weekend it was my birthday and I got two pairs of great shoes for my birthday,one pair being the ones above ;). During the weekend I also finally finished the tipping point I realised how the whole trendsetters happens in evryday life. I have a real interest in shoes and I like really different shoes that not alot of people will own. So when reading the chapter on Airwalk shoes I understood how the company went bust they didn't let the trendsetters have their own boutique shops to get their shoes from they let everything go mainstream. I definately don't think that I'm a trendsetter I just like different shoes. So thinking about all the different kind of shoes and trends their are I realised how people will follow the trendsetters, like Beyonce, the singer in her videos she wears ridiculosly high shoes then a few months down the line look whats in the shops.

Looking through pictures of shoes I found these wierd and wonderful pairs and wonder if these will ever make it mainstream. How far will people go to follow the trendsetters?

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