Last week a few of us in our class decided to brainstorm together. We chose to brainstorm 'The Power of Context' concentrating on the prevention of crime section we looked into aspects such as alarms, atmosphere, subway tolls, graffitti and CCTV's. We used post-its to note down everything we thought of, however crazy the idea. This helped us to open our minds and think of how design relates to crime prevention.

After this we discussed the ideas that we had come up with and thought about how our ideas linked to design. Also how we could improve our thoughts and research into our own topics.
From doing this I decided to look into alarms and all the different types that prevent crime. I am going to look into how the alarms work, why they are the shapes and sizes they are, and if they could be improved how they would be. Generally how design relates to the prevent of crime through using alarms.

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