Kathryn King


Recently I came across the work of Kathryn King a jewellery designer who lives near my auntie. My aunt has bought many pieces of her work, my sister recieved a bracelet made by Kathryn King for her 21st birthday so I decided to look up on her work. These are a couple of her pieces which I really like.

Her inspirations come from natural forms. I find her work very unique and interesting. I like the beauty she produces in her work the pieces seem delicate just like the flower would be.
Kathryn King also designs personal pieces. I think this is a great idea as it creates a sentimental value to the piece of jewellery for the buyer. I found Kathryn Kings new designs very inspiring and look forward to seeing what else she produces. You can also look at Kathryn Kings work on her website- www.kathrynking.com

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