Photo swap


For our first assignment we were told to collect photos from our childhood and of ourselves growing up. We were not told why, I was very curious to see what we would be doing. Finally we were told to swap our photos with someone we don't know and preferably in another subject. I was quite nervous when I was told this and wondered what this stranger would think of my childhood. We were to analyse the photos to see what kind of person they were, for example dislikes and likes.
These were some of the photos I chose.

At first I struggled to find someone to swap with as I was too nervous to ask anyone. Then people starting going round classes asking to swap so some of our group did this too. I still didn't find anyone and felt like I was going to be the last person left with the photos. In the end I finally got someone to swap with, a girl from graphics who I didn't know. We were told it would work better if you didn't know the person at all.

So I was given a range of photos of Sophie from her child hood to her grown up now.
At first I struggled with what to write about her.
I could see from this she was a happy outgoing child that enjoyed the outdoors and spending time in the garden with her family. This made me think her house was in the countryside. She is very close with her family and possibly has a younger brother and sister.
From other photos I could see her house had lots of plants in it with bright flowers, creating a bright atmosphere in the house.
A photo of Sophie at easter time with loads of chocolate looking very happy suggest she likes chocolate, also showing her family likes to celebrate birthdays etc.
She liked to change her hair style a lot, I didn't feel she followed her mother tastes in clothes but had quite a unique style, you could tell she didn't follow trends religiously. Showing she doesn't care about keeping up with the lastest trends, she just likes to dress the way she likes. She likes bright colours showing her bright and bubbly personality.
In her photos you could see she has had an interest in graphics for quite some time and is proud of her work.
Sophie likes socialising and going out with her friends who seem to be close to Sophie. She is a confident character always smiling and looking at the camera.

After we both had analysed our photos Sophie and I met up to discuss our findings. I was quite nervous meeting up with Sophie, I felt I didn't want to offend her with anything I said. After meeting Sophie this was our findings.
From looking over Sophies photos and discussing them with her. I felt I summed her up quite well. I did get it completely wrong that she lived in the countryside, in fact she lives in a tenement flat on the main road in the centre of Edinburgh. She has a younger brother and does enjoy the outdoors. She has been interested in graphics for a while and does like changing her hair style.

This was how Sophie read me.
Sophie thought I grew up in the countryside spent a lot of time outside playing with friends and family sharing experiences and regular days out. Mainly true apart from I grew up in a town.
Sophie also picked up on the fact that I enjoyed dancing as a child including different types. The really strange part was that there is a photo which is not taken in my house. In the background there is a picture of children highland dancing it is not clear who it is of. Sophie picked up that I did highland dancing even though this photo wasn't of me, I still did highland dancing. I found it interesting how she picked up on the little details.
She realised that I liked animals and not scared of them. Although from a photo of me holding a hamster and the lack of other animal photos, Sophie thought animals might not play a big part in my life and in fact they have played a large part in my life. I found this interesting, that from the lack of such a photo can create such a different thought.

From this photo Sophie could see that I like trying new experiences but in the safety of my comfort zone, as I am sitting on the back. She thought this could have been my sisters idea. Being completely honest with myself this is true, I do tend to only try out new things within my comfort zone. This amazed me that from this photo she could read me so well.
She also thought that I am outgoing a photo shows me right at the front posing with a group of friends. Sophie felt I have lots of energy; I'm always smiling, dancing or laughing in photos. I followed popular fashion trends, my fashion is not 'out there' but I like to look my best and dress similar to my friends.
Overall Sophie summed me up pretty well. It did shock she how well she looked into these photos and read me so well. It interested me that people pick up on different parts of the photos and can read into them in different ways. The lack of a photo showing something can make someones life completely different. The assignment was interesting for me, although i didn't find out anything life changing for me, it did help me to see that from giving someone certain photos you can practically make them read what you want them too.

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