Photo experiment


Well I've asked a range of people to look at my collected photos. They were different people ageing from 20 to 51, both female and male with a variety of occupations such as a jewellery student, a nurse, a science explainer, a gardner and a management consultant. I think that I have a good range of different occupations and I do believe that people doing different subjects will come up with different types of stories. This actually did happen for me, the designers came up with a duck playing a song on a guitar, which were quite creative. The nurse and management consultant's stories were about a person buying a guitar and a duck being involved with the buying process a little more realistic view.
The stories that they came up with were very interesting and quite brief such as a duck playing the guitar to make money, or a busker playing a song about a duck to make money, or a person buying a guitar for £10 and it ending up with a duck being involved, like the duck is in the guitar case. So after this, I had to come up with a photo that would link one of these stories together. I have decided to choose the story about a man busking on the street singing a song and playing the guitar to make a tenner and buy a duck.

I have chosen this picture to hopefully link it all together.

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