Catwalk piece


From researching more into chinese culture I became really interested in the different traditional cultures they have which restrict women movement. This interest came about from thinking of the movement of the catwalk piece. Even some chinese clothing restricts the women's movement as the skirts are very tight around the legs like pencils skirts. Causing them to walk with more of a shuffle as they cannot bend their legs.

from google images
My main interest was feet binding, this is where over a period of time the woman's feet are broken to create a smaller more 'desirable' look. The toes are broken then pushed under the foot and bound together, then the arch of the foot is broken and bound tighter to create the desired effect. Straight after the women's feet were bound they were made to walk. To walk they needed to bend their knees slightly and sway, this was called the Lotus Gait, men used to find this look sexually arousing, as long the the bandages that bound the feet were not removed. This would show the real horrific effect it had on the woman's feet. This process would take around 2 years for the feet to be fully bound. Causing extreme pain for the women. I know that at some time in China it was compulsory but some women did do it to get the 'beautiful look'. It amases me that people will go through such pain to create a 'desired' effect which is supposedly beautiful. That trends of fashion can cause pain but people will still follow them. As they say no pain no gain. But how far will some people go?
So for my design, I have decided to make the piece restrict movement of the leg. The piece is made from aluminium so will make it difficult for the wearer to bend the leg. Showing my influence of these traditions that restrict the woman's movement.

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