Ethical Gemstones - Gemstones Brazil

This year I am aiming to start working with more ethically sourced materials! So first up for me was looking into where my gemstones come from. I recently went to an Ethical Gem Fair in Edinburgh and met some amazing companies...

Green Amethyst from Gemstones Brazil 

This stunning Green Amethyst has been mined from a Family Mine, Gemstones Brazil, in the North Brazilian State of Minas Gerais in the Beautiful Jequitonhonha Valley - This is one of the most mineral rich areas in the world! 

The stones are then cut in Brazil or Jaipur, India - these stones are cut in Unique Brilliant Bright Clear Cut Finish! Gemstones Brazil prioritise the health and safety of their staff and ensure minimum disruption of the environment. I recently bought two of these stones, one has been snapped up already so I have one stone available to make into a piece of jewellery. 

My plan is to work with traceable gemstones and recycled silver & Gold or Fairtrade Gold to make a new collection of stunning gemstone jewellery! 


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