Remodelling Jewellery


A client came to me to ask is there was a I way I could make this Family Heirloom Brooch into a Ring to pass down the family.

I absolutely loved the stone and the setting in this brooch and the client wanted to keep this as a feature. I safely removed the stone from the brooch so I could work with the metal to recreate the brooch into a ring. 

Instead of melting the metal down I was able to reshape the wire and make it into the band for the ring and reset the stone to make a beautiful new wearable ring. 

This was one piece I didn't really want to see leave the studio, I had got myself quite attached to the beautiful stone!

This piece shows the transformation that jewellery can go through. You don't need to sit with jewellery that has been passed down from the family and keep it in the box as its maybe not your taste! You can have to remodelled and worked to make a piece you enjoy and would like to wear. I love working with pieces and revamping them either using the stones or the metal and the stones to make new family heirlooms!

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