Reflection on oberservation


During our seminar on Monday we all went over our last assignment and were to think what we could have done to improve our observation experience. After re reading my observations and discussing with the group, I realised that I should have gone somewhere that I haven't been before to really gain from this. I felt I should have gone into more depth about singular characters, such as what they were wearing and why and maybe thinking more about their 'story'. Why they were in that situation, where they were going? From going over this in our seminar it helped me to realise how this would help me in my discipline. By observing people you can come up with your own perception of them and also realise what type of questions you want to ask people to get to know them. Knowing what questions to ask to help you design something for them. Also seeing how jewellery is worn in day to day life, helping to see what people think is suitable jewellery for them in different situations. I felt this assignment helped me improve designing techniques and feel it will be useful for me in my career.

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