Changing the Brief


In our very last lecture of this seminar :D we were given some homework! We were asked to, Choose a design project from this year. Choose two “types” of people and think how would you change it to suit?

I decided to chose my favourite project which was the catwalk piece.
The brief stated; Design a make an extravagant and unusual piece of catwalk jewellery. taking inspirations from cultures or a period of time. The design should adorn the body in an unusual way.
I chose to use the innovators - self confident risk takers, seeking new and different things, setting their own targets to achieve. And the traditionalists - averse to risk, guided by traditional behaviours and values, quiet and reserved, hanging back and blending in with the crowd.
Viktor and Rolf
I wanted to do these two very different 'types' of people as i feel they are the most opposite. If I was to design a piece to suit the innovators, I feel I would probably keep mine quiet the same by having a leg piece as it is very unusual. I would want to make the piece much bigger and bolder using bright colours or unusual materials. Making it a more intriguing piece that you cannot take your eyes off. The shape of the piece would large and coming out of the body creating unusual shapes. Reflecting the innovators personality.
Viktor and Rolf
Viktor and Rolf's work are a good example of the different types of pieces I would like make.
For the piece designed for the traditionalist, I think I would chose to do a head piece, slightly unusual but nothing to out of the ordinary. I would want the piece to cover the face helping the person to shy away and not be put out there. I would use neutral colours and keep in quite small mirroring the shape of the head so it doesn't stand out too much.
Viktor and Rolf's work are a good example of the different types of pieces I would make.
After thinking about this and how I would change a design to suit someone. I feel I have learnt how to think about types of people and their personalities before and during the design process and how necessary it is to know someone to create a truly bespoke piece for them.

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