Update of the catwalk piece


Its taken some amount of time to get my final design but I am finally there!

First of all, I was mainly looking into the lanterns and moon gates to create a head piece, but then I felt I wanted to make a more interesting piece. Looking into architecture and chinese patterns, I decided to design a leg piece. After stressing for a few days trying to figure out what to make, I came to a decision. I had also researched into the Great Wall of China and loved the long flowing line, did you know the wall is around 5,5oo miles long altogether?!! So the main shape is taken from the long flowing line of the wall and from the shapes of dragons and snakes, which are quite common in chinese paintings, clothing and patterns. The rest of the design is taken from china's most common colours, red and gold, and the common pattern that keeps reoccurring in chinese textiles and paintings

The next step is to construct this piece, which is without doubt the most difficult part! Its going to be made fully from aluminium. So wish me luck!

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