Catwalk Jewellery


Happy new year to u all!

Well thats us back at uni and we have received our first project of this semester.
It is a catwalk based project, we are to design an unusual catwalk jewellery piece that adorns the body in an interesting way. For my inspirations I have to look into a culture or a period of history that interests me. So for this I have decided to look into chinese culture. I find the patterns and textiles very detailed and intricate.

Also the buildings are amazing with beautiful colours and patterns along with the interesting architectural shape. For now I am researching chinese culture and catwalk designers of different kinds such as jewellers, clothes, handbags and milliners. I know I am going to come across many new interesting designers and find out interesting facts about china. I am really looking forward to this project and I'm looking forward to see what I will produce.

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