Assignment four


For our assignment 4 we had to write an essay, I researched how design can prevent crime in environmental areas in particular retail environments.

The second part consisted of our assignment of us thinking how we could further our research. For me I feel I would look into more article and books on the design against crime in retail environments. finding out about all the different types of prevention to crime again looking more into the electronical security system such as different types of alarms and CCTV. Also looking into to the basics of floor plans or types of doors. Looking on the internet to help this research. Even myself surveying different local stores and shopping centres to see how they prevent crime and find out how much they are affected from robberies. Investigating the different measure shops to take to be secure and see the differences between different types of stores. By doing all this I feel I would definately have furthered my research and could learn even more about the retail environment and its crime prevention methods.

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