Wire Project


We've been given our new brief for the Jewellery Design course, it is a wire project. This time we have to make a brooch or a neck piece. It's to be based on line, we are asked research contemporary jewellers whose work interests us and relates to the brief, an artist that will inspire our work and then look into our interests such as nature or architecture etc.
So for this project I came across the work of the artist Emma Kunz. Her work is very geometric and I like her use of line and repetition. So in my sketch book I've started drawing on square paper just like Emma Kunz does to see if I can come up with design. This time I am going to look at boats and ships especially the Discovery in Dundee. I find the lines that the sails, ropes and masts produce are beautiful and can create a very interesting piece. This is an example of the photos I have been looking at that I took at the Discovery.

These are some sketches I've been doing to help me come up with my final idea. I'm thinking of making a brooch, at this moment I am just unsure of what scale I am going to make it.

I'm thinking that this last sketch may be my final design made from soldering wire together and knitting wire to for the sail looking parts. So now i've just got to learn how to knit then using wire so wish me luck!

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