Ashes into Jewellery

Recently I have been working with glass blower Helen Chalmers, we collaborated to make pieces of jewellery containing Ashes. I have had many requests from clients looking to have jewellery made incorporating a loved ones ashes. I wanted to be able to make meaningful pieces of jewellery that were beautiful and unique to each client yet also affordable.

By working with Helen I can create pieces of jewellery with the ashes held within these beautiful glass beads. I wanted Helen to make a 'gem' for me using glass with ashes that I could then make into a piece of jewellery. We have made beads and cabochon gems for clients depending on the style of jewellery they are looking for. 

This is such a personal process and each piece of jewellery has meaning to the owner and can be fully designed by themselves or with my help. Above is a diamond and glass gem ring I recently made for a client using colours that were sentimental and meaningful to them.

When the ashes are added to glass they create beautiful whisps and bubbles within the glass, you can see they vary from gem to gem but create a unique pattern within the glass.

Below is a selection of pieces we have made - Ring, Bracelet, Pendant and Earrings.
If this is something you would like to discuss having made then please get in touch with me, Scarlett at

Keep your loved ones close in a piece of jewellery you can treasure. These pieces can be discreet letting you choose if you want to tell your story or just keep it for yourself.

Below is a selection of the colours you can choose from for your gem.


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