Sentimental Jewellery Commission


I was recently asked to make some very special pieces of jewellery as a Mother's Day Gift. I was asked to work with a family's grandmother's ashes to make two necklaces that the mother and daughter could treasure forever. 

After a lot of thought of the design we decided to make pendants from glass and precious metal. We decided to incorporate the ashes into a glass pendant. I asked the wonderful Helen Chalmers who I have worked with before to make two glass heart pendants with their grandmother's ashes inside. 

Helen sent me over some great shots of the making process. 


They wanted to have a glass pendant each and half of a gold plated silver heart on each pendant so their necklaces can join together.

Making sentimental jewellery like this that someone can treasure forever is a very special process. 

Completely bespoke detail inside the glass.

And now they are being worn and enjoyed!

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