Enchanted Fairytale Wedding Shoot


Enchantment and distinctiveness were two important themes at the forefront of this stylised wedding shoot. The team behind the shoot was a creative collaboration from Tayside and the spellbinding fairy-tale images (featuring secret garden doors and tree seats) that they managed to capture showcase the talents of;

Jewellery Designer Scarlett Erskine
Make up Artist and Hair Stylist Jillian Elizabeth at Cosmetique
Flower arrangers Bluebell and Birch
Vintage dress stockists Innate Bridals
Photographer Siobhan Diamond

 Being from the east coast of Scotland it was important to this creative collaboration to project the charm of Scotland’s countryside and Kinettles castle couldn’t have provided a more perfect back drop with its panoramic landscape, majestic sweeping driveway and hidden disused stables. The location certainly provided the team with many nooks and crannies and the team certainly took advantage of each and every one.
The objective of the shoot was to create and imaginatively capture two distinguished looks that complemented the outdoor scenery of Kinettles, namely ‘Luxuriously Romantic’ and ‘Bohemian Chic’.
Colour palettes, dress styles, jewellery collections and bouquet options were brought together very cleverly to achieve these two styles and the shoot demonstrates how well the team worked together to achieve two looks that that perfectly complemented each of their areas of expertise.


Scarlett Erskine used a combination of treasures from her Exposed and Trillion collections along with some new pieces to satisfy the fashionistas of 2015.
For the Luxury Romantic bride, Scarlett used a combination of platinum and silver metals with diamonds, Swarovski crystal, sky blue topaz and green amethysts. The style is elegant and striking – equipping the wearer with an air of sophistication. A head turning engagement ring accompanies gracious drop earrings and neck pieces. To accompany such a classic look, Scarlett Erskine wouldn’t be the designer she is, if she didn’t throw in something a little off-the-wall. Her stunning statement head piece provides a wonderful modern day alternative to a veil or traditional tiara.
For the Bohemian Chic bride Scarlett used warmer adornments such as rose gold, embellished with onyx and rose quartz. More subtle in stone size, these accessories provide a sense of modesty, originality and freedom – with free flowing hand pieces and distinctively vogue stack rings.
The uniqueness of Scarlett’s collection is found in many of its attributes - however most noticeably in her approach to stone cutting and setting – Scarlett’s jewels sparkle like no other due to the percentage of light that they attract from their uniqueness of cut. 


Horticulturist-turned-florist, Bluebell and Birch, provided the exquisite combination of bouquets and flowers for the shoot using a variety of foliage and blooms in two statement arrangements.
For the luxury romantic bride, Bluebell and Birch wanted to create a floral statement that would complement a full gown and the elongated natural aisles of Kinettles grounds. The cascading regal bouquet provided the bride with an aura of elegance. An exquisite combination of deep red flowers symbolic of romance and passion beautifully contrasted with the blousy ruffled white petals of purity and innocence enhancing the silver tones of the bride’s jewellery. Flowing stems of eucalyptus were added to complement her green amethyst stones.
For the Bohemian Chic bride, Bluebell and Birch created a statement floral head piece which naturally became the focal point of the images. It was used to give the look a rustic and light hearted feeling and complemented the woodland landscape perfectly. Using a retro palette of natural pastel tones, the head piece accentuated the warmness of the bride’s hair colouring and jewellery and added a sense of independence and uniqueness to the bohemian look.
Through choice of colour, flower and arrangement Bluebell and Birch captured two very different looks whilst simultaneously enhancing the dresses, models and backdrop. 

The Luxury Romantic dresses were provided by Innate Bridals – a sample bridal store that provides designer gowns at truly affordable prices. The gowns are both by Intuzuri – gown one is an ivory strapless natural waist ball gown with fringe and floral lace details and gown two is a white strapless ball gown with pick-ups and silver beaded details. Both dresses effortlessly convey luxury and elegance and suit the backdrop of Kinettles perfectly.

The Bohemian Chic dress is the models own and was hand made.

Make up
Hair and make up expert Jillian Elizabeth at Cosmetique used an imaginative combination of colours and styles to complement both the models and their look.
For the Luxury Romantic bride Jillian’s objective was for the model to look perfectly polished with a very made up look. She used a natural red lip colour that perfectly matched the bride’s bouquet and comleted the luxury theme with perfectly contoured cheek bones. To set the look off a natural smokey eye in luxurious tones were used along with false lashes. The colour palette set off the bride’s eye colour and silver and cool tones in her jewellery accessories.
For the Bohemian Chic bride’s hair, Jillian choose very natural loose curls. It was important to her for the hair not to compete with the beautiful floral crown but to subtly complement it. For make-up Jill chose pale gold and nude colours for the eyes along with a nude lip with a just flushed effect on the cheeks. This really helped to set off the pastel shades of petals and also the warm tones in the jewellery colours. Jillian wanted the models naturally flawless skin to shine through and for her to look effortlessly beautiful.

Creative & story-telling photographer Siobhan Diamond was bursting at the seems with ideas for this shoot, turning ever corner to get as much of a story out of Kinnetles as possible. Placing the Luxury Romantic bride in derelict surrounding she created a contrast between the beauty of the stunning dress, amazing floristry and exceptional make-up. Siobhan was thankful of working with two talented models as they helped to make the themes come to life and helped to create the vibe that she was looing to capture.
Siobhan commented - ’This shoot was such an exciting prospect, as I shoot weddings all the time, but having such control and time to spend on each image, from shooting to editing made this an achievement I am very proud of. So happy to be a part of this high quality team of wedding related suppliers, even one of the models is a wedding singer! For the Luxury Romantic look, instead of keeping it clean I used the rustic ground to create contrast, then the old abandoned shed worked perfectly with the Bohemian Chic look, using the wood as an amazing hippy-venue background I started editing straight away keeping a clean editing style for most of the luxury shots and creating a warm and and autumnal feel for the boho’’

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