Scarlett Erskine Jewellery have been on an exciting adventure. Over the past 3 months we have been working with musician Nicola Madill to create the first Scottish underwater music video. We had a fantastic team  on board - FlyBoy Creative, Stray Seal, Jillian Elizabeth Make up Artistry, Hair by Liam Hansen.

I had two very different roles for this shoot firstly I was to design and make the jewellery to be worn by the mermaids and secondly and most exciting I was chosen to be Mia the mermaid in the video.

 We have been training in the pool since November! This is my first time doing any type of music video let alone an underwater one. So we have had many early morning swim sessions learning how to adapt to the underwater world, then act and do it all in a tail!

Scarlett Erskine Jewellery made some bespoke head pieces for this video.

Gold and Garnet Headpiece for Mia.

Silver and Topaz Headpiece for Nixy.

Gold and Garnet Hand piece for Nixy.

Our exciting adventures had caught the eye of the press! We were featured on STV Dundee and in the Courier.

This is the first peek of the entire look of the two mermaids! We can't wait to show you more! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on our Underwater Music Video.

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