Flourish & Thrive Academy Multiply your Profits


Flourish and Thrive Academy are giving jewellers the chance to win a full scholarship for their F&TA's Multiply Your Profits Course!

How could I say no to entering!

This is a fantastic opportunity for jewellers to expand and enhance their business!

1. My business is in it's second year, I have launched my first collection of jewellery and currently stock in a selection of shops throughout the UK on a sale or return basis. I do a lot of different commission work from engagement and wedding rings to catwalk pieces.

2. I find that time is a problem for my business as I do not have enough time to make the jewellery, market my business and keep up with my books whilst trying to work part time to keep money coming in. I would love to have more time to work on my jewellery business working on new collections and collaborations.

3. My vision for my business is to successfully launch wholesale collections selling worldwide and being able to stop making collections on a sale or return basis. Having the time and money to work on new exciting collections that keep up with the latest trends.  Also having the time to work on collaborations for catwalk jewellery and commissions of one off pieces of jewellery.


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  1. Great to learn more about you and your business! Thanks for submitting.

    xo Robin