So our presentation went well.
We had made a film to introduce our business, which is Shuffle. I felt the video was upbeat and got everyones attention, hopefully. Shuffle is a website that students join after graduation and shuffle their trades around the online community. So for example if someone needed them to make a piece of jewellery I could make it for them and in return I would receive a certain amount of points which I could then go on to use to get someone to create a website for me. the website uses points instead of money, this helps people to get work and get their name out their whilst getting work done for themselves without the bills. You can join the online community for £25 this money will help towards expanding the business by holding exhibitions and promotional events. Users of the service will help to keep the website running, competitions will be held for users to win the chance to run the website for a month. Helping them to better their CV, We felt that this helped the community join together in using local trades and cutting down on travel as everyone is near. I like our idea and felt it had a different, less stereotypical approach to post consumerism instead of going for a vegetable company. Our business idea is a new modern take on post consumerism showing anyone can be a postconsumer at any age and doesn't need to just have their own vegetable patch!

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