Post Consumerism


Over the past few week, our group met up to discuss post consumerism. Looking into what we thought a post consumers profile may include, for example their interests or where they buy from. As a group we brainstormed what a post consumers profile may be like. I felt we became quite stereotypical trying to think up what a post consumer may live like, such as a gardner that recycles everything in their mid 30's and is a big part of the community. But we did want to cover all different aspects of a post consumers life style.
From this we decided to make our poster to remind us what we had brainstormed. For the poster we chose to make a very simple but visual poster. We have images of people as if they are evolving into a post consumer in the layout of a barcode as post consumers are very conscious of what they are buying. We then put 5 buzz words; Ethical, recycling, community, fairtrade and local. Showing the main aspects of a postconsumers life, anyone can be a post consumer at any age but all of them will have these values in common.

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  1. I like the emblem.

    As a post-consumer group, how do you think you would work in a different type of economy? How far into the disestablishment of modern consumerism does your group wish to go?