Design studies


This week has been a busy week for design studies. Firstly had a meeting with my group to discuss how we were getting on with our dissertation ideas. My group had very different ideas, branding, reality, Fair trade, eco-environment design, and consumers influences. We had to create a mind map of our own ideas of what we're going to base our dissertations on. Then we had our dissertation workshop. This helped me to really think clearly about what type of questions I could do for my dissertation.

So here's my mind map. I've decided to look into the fashion industry. The fashion industry has a large impact on the public and also the way designers design today. For example the fashion industry caused great problems with people health after everyone copying the size 0 models on the runways. Recently in a project I looked into anorexia and how it affects people. This has become an interest of mine, also that an industry once globalised can affect many people in the world.

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