Made with Real Flowers


After recently making a bracelet using resin, I've became quite fascinated by it.
When making the bracelet, I made a few samples using resin, resin dyes and dried flowers. Sadly I only got one of my flowers freed the other was stuck in the mould and even broke a knife trying to get it out eek! So still got a bit of work to do.
The other day I was shopping along Perth Road and came across this jewellery Flower jewellery by shrieking violet.
I found the design/shapes of the pieces quite plain but I loved the tiny flowers set inside them. I wonder where you get such small full flowers from. This gave me some inspiration to maybe try out some more resin designs. So hopefully I'll be able to get them out of the mould.

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  1. These are pretty :) I haven't tried resin as yet, so i was wondering.. can you not make a setting in silver first and use that as the final mould.. and just set the resin and whatever else you want in that? or is it necessary that we set it in a mould first, remove it and then set in the final piece?
    ps. love your commission piece! really really pretty :) did you make the chain too? xx

  2. well with my commission piece i did just set it into the silver so ye that would work instead of using moulds i just thought if you weren't setting it in silver but that would be the easiest idea lol. Thank you, haha i didnt make the chain I just bought one in.